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Origin of Life

Answering the hardest question: Where did life come from?


Non-Stick Cells

Creating Non-Stick Cells for Anti-Metastatic Properties and Imaging of Invasive Tumors


G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Understanding the structure and activity relationship of specific secretin family receptors


Novel Antibiotics

Using mirror image phage display to discover new antibiotics

Our Research

The research in the Kumar laboratory focuses on the interface of chemistry, medicine, and biology. Over the past few years the interests of the group included biophysics of cellular membranes, understanding the origin of life, and creating self assembling trans-membrane proteins. Currently the major projects include: G protein-coupled receptors, cell-surface interactions, and battling antibiotic resistance.

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Get to know the current team members who make the awesome science happen in the laboratory.


Explore the large number of individuals who have spent summers to years creating the magic.

News & Awards

Delve into the numerous awards, accolades and other accomplishments of the team members over the years


Check out publications and scholarly works coming from the Kumar Laboratory at Tufts.